Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Every person their own republic!

Feeling disaffected or alienated by advanced consumer capitalism? Sick of a meaningless existence in a hostile and contingent world?

Don't worry. We're here to help.

The Common-Sense Nihilist Party is New Zealand's first-ever avant-garde art political party.

The Common-Sense Nihilist Party offers practical help with the futility of existence and promises to completely transform everyday life into avant-garde art.

Common-Sense Nihilist Revolutionary Cells are the basic organisational unit of the Party. A cell is a collection of members of the Common-Sense Nihilist Party with enough common interest to work together towards the objectives of the Party. The internal organisation of the cell is the responsibility of the cell.

Members of the Common-Sense Nihilist Party who are paid up for the current financial year are eligible to:
  • nominate candidates for office or hold office in the Party
  • vote at a Party Conference or a Special General Meeting of the Party.
Assuming we succeed in becoming a registered political party, members are also eligible to:
  • nominate or stand as candidates of the Party
  • vote in the ordering of the Party List for general elections.
To join the Common-Sense Nihilist Party, you need to follow these simple steps:

1 Email the Party Leader No. 0001. The address is everything[at]gmail[dot]com.

2 Print out the pdf of the application form sent to you and fill it in.


Handwrite legibly on one side of A4 paper:

I, [full name of applicant], of [street address, city/district name – not a PO Box address]:
  • agree to accept and abide by the Common-Sense Nihilist Party rules
  • confirm that I am eligible to enrol as a New Zealand parliamentary elector
  • enclose my membership fee of $10.00 with this application form
  • authorise the Common-Sense Nihilist Party to record my name as a financial member of the Common-Sense Nihilist Party
  • authorise the secretary of the Common-Sense Nihilist Party to release this application form to the Electoral Commission for the purpose of registering the Common-Sense Nihilist Party under the Electoral Act 1993.

Signed: [Signature of person applying] Date:

3 Post the form and membership fee to the address sent to you by email.

4 You will receive a handwritten party card and associated Party material.

5 You will become part of an avant-garde art work!


Carolina Urra B. said...

Excellent Blogger,


Carol J. Bowie.

Sheridan Fairfield-Wills Dickson said...

There never was a better time than NOW for a resurgence of common sense nihilism! Go forth!